Obama Streaker Won't Get $1 Million; Is Palin Next?

The head of a prank Web site that invites users to accept challenges for cash told CNBC Thursday that the "Million Dollar Streaker" who ran naked past the president will not be receiving the million dollar prize.

Sarah Palin
Sarah Palin

“We got a response from one of the staff of the White House. The President saw something but he didn’t know what it was and didn’t hear,” Battlecam.com CEO Alki David told CNBC.

David had recently offered $1 million to anyone who could streak in front of Obama with Battlecam.com, the name of David's site, written on his or her chest and shout "Battlecam" six times.

And on Sunday, Juan J. Rodriguez of New York City attempted the dare and was charged with indecent exposure, public lewdness and disorderly conduct after he allegedly streaked at a presidential rally in Philadelphia.

Rodriguez was arraigned Monday night and released on a $10,000 signature bond.

The video of Rodriguez streaking is on Youtube.com. (Warning: this clip contains nudity).

“Rodriguez agrees it didn’t happen, (as set by the rules of the challenge),” David said to CNBC, before adding, “But I’ve given him an extremely generous prize.”

“The challenge is now closed. But I’ve got a new challenge; $50,000 to streak in front of Palin (Sarah). Same rules, they’ve got to be seen and heard,” David told CNBC.

David added that he will be paying the Obama daredevil’s rent for the next year as well as medical bills for Rodriguez' sister, who is ill.

“I’m very satisfied,” Rodriguez told CNBC, adding that David was, “having experts looking at it (the video).”

Rodriguez told CNBC, “I had been planning for a month … Some people knew, my girlfriend knew.”

This was the second time Rodriguez attempted the dare, "I had gone to another Obama rally earlier in the week, but there were a lot of small children around me. I couldn’t do it. This time it was the right time and the right place…but I didn’t think it would be this big, (the publicity).”

Rodriguez told CNBC he “was scared—I did not attempt to resist the arrest in any way.”

When asked by CNBC whether Rodriguez will attempt David’s new challenge, he responded, ”Not this one, I will allow someone else to do it.”