Whiskey for Sale: Only $150,000 a Bottle

Glass of Whiskey
Jonnie Miles | Getty Images
Glass of Whiskey

Okay. A bottle of malt scotch, the 64-year-old Dalmore Trinitas, costs $150,000. That's about $32,000 a glass.

How good can it be?

“The Dalmore 64 tastes like purple heaven,” said master blender Richard Paterson, whose nose for whiskey is so attuned to the nuances of scents that it's insured for $2.5 million by Lloyd’s of London.

“We are drinking a little bit of liquid gold ... history ... magic there,” said the buyer, commercial property developer Mahesh Patel, who forked over the cash for the bottle of malt scotch—one of three in the world.

"The Dalmore 64 tastes like purple heaven." -Master Blender , Richard Patterson

The elixir also has toppings of Seville oranges and mango, notes of treacle toffee and soft licorice and a gentle caress of truffles and muscovado sugar, the blender intimated (See video for more discussion of the whiskey's merits). Perfect for dessert, it seems.

Patel, a collector and connoisseur of spirits, said he bought the whiskey as an investment, because it’s rare and the golden liquid within is blended with batches that are up to 140 years old. The blend won't be created again.

Paterson has spent 20 years creating the blend by transferring it to about 15 different casks made of various woods to bring out its “spirit.”

Two bits of good news: Another bottle of the 64-year-old Dalmore Trinitas will be auctioned off in London this month.

And, second, Patel does plan to drink his own Dalmore at a time and place to be determined with “friends and family.” So if you’re in that group…