Top Ten Zip Codes for Political Campaign Contributions

The most famous zip code in the country—Beverly Hills 90210—is also one of the country’s most lavish in terms of shoveling campaign cash to politicians.


The high-falutin’ zip of 90210 ranked seventh on a list of the top campaign contribution zip codes, coughing up nearly $3 million to political causes in this election cycle, according to a new study by the Center for Responsive Politics.

A list of the Top Ten zip codes for political campaign contributions shows that politicians, PACs and political parties are just like the gangster Willie Sutton, who said he robbed banks because “that’s where the money is.” The politicians are the political equivalent—following the money to the nation’s wealthiest enclaves to rake in big bucks.

What’s surprising about this list, in a year in which Republicans are heavily favored to do well in November, is that it skews heavily toward Democrats. So, although Democrats are trying to paint Republicans as the party of the wealthy, they’re still beating a path to wealthy zip codes at fundraising time.

Taken together, the nation’s top zip codes have contributed more than $19 million to Democrats, but just less than $12 million to Republicans.

Topping the list is the posh Manhattan zip code of 10021, where residents have contributed more than $6 million to political causes, 77 percent of which has gone to Democrats. That’s a zip code that has been billed as one of the most exclusive in the country and whose residents, The New York Times reported a few years ago, once included Michael R. Bloomberg, David Rockefeller, Rupert Murdoch, Ronald Perelman, Spike Lee, Tom Wolfe and Gay Talese.

This year, the top 10 donors in the zip code all gave identical amounts, $30,400, to the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee or Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. The Democratic donor list in 10021 includes Pilar Crespi Robert, a fashion consultant who once appeared on Vanity Fair magazine’s International Best-Dressed Hall of Fame and who is the wife of former Oppenheimer Chairman Stephen Robert.

Your Money Your Vote - A CNBC Special Report
Your Money Your Vote - A CNBC Special Report

Other heavy Democratic donors in 10021 are Eton Park Capital CEO Eric Mindich and his wife Stacey, Blur Ridge Capital partner John Griffin, and Irene Schwartz, wife of former Loral Space and Communication CEO Bernard Schwartz. Schwartz is one of the Democratic Party’s all-time biggest donors.

Number two on the zip code list is the highest-ranking Republican neighborhood, 22101 in McLean, Va, just outside Washington, DC. Its residents have contributed more than $3 million so far in the 2010 election cycle, 64 percent to Republicans. That number is driven by the area’s large population of wealthy business executives, real estate moguls and defense contractors.

GOP donors from 22101 include former Nixon Administration official Fred Malek, who is now the chairman of Thayer Capital and an advisor to Sarah Palin. Malek gave $30,400 to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. Also in the same zip code is Dwight Schar, CEO of NVR Homes , who contributed the same amount to the NRSC.

Two other Washington-area zip codes rank next: In Washington, 20007 includes much of what remains of old society Georgetown, and contributed more than $3 million to political causes, 75 percent to Democrats. On the donor list from the Georgetown zip code is Ambassador Elizabeth Frawley Bagley, who has served Democratic Presidents in a variety of diplomatic capacities over the years, and contributed $30,400 to the Democratic National Committee Services Corp.

And in suburban Potomac, Md, 20854 has also coughed up more than $3 million to political groups so far this cycle, with 71 percent going to Democrats.

Rounding out the top five is 06831, a zip code in posh Greenwich, Conn., the borough known for its high concentration of hedge fund executives.

The top political donor in the zip code is Donald Sussman, co-founder of Paloma Partners, who has contributed more than $30,000 to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee during this election cycle. Also on the list is Richard Treibeck of Alexcom, who contributed the same amount to the DCCC. Overall, 06831 contributed more than 70 percent of its campaign cash to Democrats.

And who were the donors from Beverly Hills 90210? No surprise—the zip code is represented by Hollywood’s elite, including entertainment mogul and billionaire Haim Saban, Ticketmaster CEO Irving Azoff, and super agent Ari Emanuel, the brother of former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel.

If you’re curious about your own zip code, you can check out the details here.

Below is the full list, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.