Goldman Hip-Hop Artist Raps for the Cure

We decided to check in on the “Wall Street rapper” to see what he is up to this month.

Source: Facebook

It appears Allen Mask — a first year analyst in the consumer retail division at Goldman Sachs and a hip-hop artist — is now a philanthropist.

“He is in a period of creation right now where he is trying to launch innovative and creative ideas in conjunction with relevant social issues and causes,” Carly Brantmeyer, Mask’s manager, told CNBC.

Mask recently announced over Facebook and Twitter that by making a donation toward his latest music release all of the proceeds will benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure during the month of October.

“Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, he thought it would be the perfect time to release his new EP, called ExtraSolar,” said Brantmeyer.

Mask is featured in a flyer without his shirt while posing in a boxing position with the caption saying, “Help Fight Breast Cancer.”

The real question is with an obviously busy schedule as a junior analyst at Goldman Sachs and pursuing hip-hop aspirations, how does Mask have time to maintain a six-pack and get all that work done?

Uh-oh, better get back to your cubicle, Mask!

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