Why The Yankees Have The Cheapest Tickets In Playoffs

I received some data from FanSnap, the secondary ticket listing site, and I had to call them back to make sure what I was seeing was true.

Here’s the data they sent me of the average listing price of tickets for the ALCS and NLCS games:

  • $504: Philadelphia Phillies
  • $375: San Francisco Giants
  • $310: Texas Rangers
  • $276: New York Yankees
New York Yankees
New York Yankees

While these tickets don’t represent the sold price, FanSnap spokesman Christian Anderson told me that it’s pretty close because the company takes the median price of the listings so it throws out anything listed too high or too low.

So why are Yankees tickets so, relatively speaking of course, cheap?

“I think it’s because there’s the expectation that they would be there,” Anderson said. “And a lot of people, both people that buy and people that sell, are saving their money for the World Series.”

The Yankees, who won their 27th World Series last year, have more total listings than any other team. The Phillies, who have played in the last two World Series, winning in 2008, are still a hot ticket.

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