Good Time to Get Into Steel?

Cramer took time to answer questions from viewers during Monday's "Mad Money."

The first question came from Peter in New York, who asked for Cramer's thoughts on AK Steel and the steel industry in general. Cramer said steel is facing headwinds from China, which is currently buying more copper. His charitable trust owns Nucor and he would prefers that name long term.

Susan in California wanted to know what Cramer thought about Chesapeake , being as its chief financial officer recently left the company for another job. Cramer said this kind of departure would typically bother him, but thinks CHK's CEO OK'd this one.

Howard in Ohio said he started buying Apple shares a year ago and since then, its growth has outpaced gold. He's wondering if he should buy more gold, more Apple, both or neither. Up to 20 percent of your portfolio can be in gold and Apple remains a buy on any pullback, Cramer said.

When this story was published, Cramer's charitable trust owned Apple and Nucor.

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