What We Really Do Behind The Wheel

Driving while talking
Driving while talking

As faithful readers of this blog know, I went on one of my self-improvement binges last month.

I put away the Blackberry when I went on vacation.

In part, I wanted to stop reaching for it to read, talk, and text while I drive.

Yes, I know. Stupid. Nearly 5,500 drivers died last year from distractions, nearly a fifth of those involving a cell phone.

I give myself a B since I've returned to work. Ok, a B-.

I'm not alone.

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Kelley Blue Book has just released a surveyshowing that nearly one out of four drivers (22 percent) use a hand held mobile phone while driving.

This despite the fact that it violates the law in many states, including California.

Right behind, at 21 percent, are people who eat while they drive.

Surprisingly, only (only?) 13 percent say they text while they drive. I suspect that 13 percent is made up of drivers under the age of 20, plus me.

I have done all three of these things. On the plus side, I've never done all three at once.

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