Wrangler Official: We Didn't Pull Favre Ads

Earlier today, we reported that no Brett Favre Wrangler ads ran this Sunday during NFL broadcasts.

In fact, the Favre spot only ran 10 total times on niche networks yesterday, well below the amount of times the spots ran in previous weeks.

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But a person authorized to speak on Wrangler's behalf, insisted in a statement provided to CNBC late Monday afternoon, that the jeans brand is only scaling back on its run of spots because they company had previously planned to do so.

“No Wrangler ads featuring Brett Favre were pulled from NFL telecasts yesterday," said spokesman Rick French. "None were scheduled to run. We continue to run our Wrangler Five Star jeans ads featuring Brett on multiple networks and will continue to do so pending the outcome of the NFL investigation.”

French said that Favre spots haven't run on NFL telecasts this year, except for last Monday night when Favre's Minnesota Vikings were playing the NY Jets and two other Monday night games. He did say, however, that Wrangler was running the Favre spots on the pregame and postgame shows in previous weeks and did not run them this past Sunday.

French said the decision was made before the season to run fewer ads from mid-October through mid-November, to save money for the holiday season.

French also acknowledged that the company ran a heavier volume of Dale Earnhardt Jr. spots this weekend, but that also wasn't as a result of Favre's scandal, he said.

"As we’ve said all along, we won’t make any major decisions until we know the facts," French said.

This assumes, of course, that neither Favre, nor his representatives, have had much contact with Wrangler to possibly clarify the situation.

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