Fast Money 360: Morgan Stanley

With shares of Morgan Stanley about 3% higher of the past 3 months, how should you game this stock into – and in the wake of – earnings.

Seems like a good time for Fast Money 360.

Find out what fundamentals, technicals and insights from the options world all suggest lie ahead for this stock.


According to Steven Brown, managing director of Nasdaq’s market intelligence desk making a fundamental bet on this stock has everything to do with volumes.

“The first thing people are going to look for is their trading results,” he says. That is the single largest component of their revenues.

And as you may remember, Brian Kelly along with other Fast traders believe that positive trends in trading volumes could bode well for Morgan as well as some of its rivals.


Carter Worth of Oppenheimer doesn’t like what he sees in the charts. “We are a seller of Morgan Stanley going into earnings,” he says.

”One of the most important things in all technical analysis is relative strength – how a stock is acting relative to the rest of the stock market and Morgan Stanley acts poorly. I see an established down trend -- no reason to be long,” he explains.


Scott Nations of Nations Shares sees some unusual action in the options pit.

“The interesting thing about Morgan Stanley options is that they don’t drop off in price right after the earnings announcement comes out,” he explains.

As a result he suggests playing the options for the earnings from the long side. ”I would be a buyer,’ he says.

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