But I Liked that Tasty Sauce

I've noted before that news outlets often get accused of letting personal preferences get in the way of news selection and presentation. Some outfits revel in it.

Well, I have another example of that NOT happening on our Web site. Our Fast Food Failures slideshow contains a burger I really liked: the Arch Deluxe. Nevertheless, because of a clumsy marketing campaign, it lies in the failure pile. As the staff here has told me before, you got to let the numbers tell the tale.

I suspect many of you out there may have liked the Arch Deluxe too, owing to the fact that a lot of you wrote in and agreed that "The 13th Warrior" was a nice little flick that didn't deserve the "flop" label. A few of you agreed with me on "Soldier" too.

But in the grand scheme of what was spent versus what was achieved those movies and that tasty burger ultimately deserve their fate. We just have to put personal tastes ... like a hankering for that mustard-mayonnaise sauce ... aside.