Cablevision—Fox Blackout Continues; Battle Heats Up

It's day five of negotiations between Cablevision and Fox and if they don't come to a resolution soon it means NO WORLD SERIES for New York and Philadelphia fans.


Three million plus Cablevision subscribers in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut tri-state area are in the dark, and sources tell me the two sides are still NOT close to a deal. Talks are continuing — over the phone by Fox execs in LA and Cablevision folks in NYC. But we haven't heard about any progress and the roar of criticism is getting louder and louder.

A slew of elected officials and newspaper editorial boards are making the case for binding arbitration to end the standoff and get the channels back on air. And Senator John Kerry is trying to make that law — his new proposal would let regulators impose binding arbitration when broadcasters negotiate in bad faith.

Consumers haven't seen a black out this long in over a decade and are taking their grievances to social sites like Twitter.

And, apparently, radio hosts have had enough. This morning Fox Station President Dennis Swanson went on New York radio station WFAN to talk about the deal. The host and Swanson duked it out over whether Fox should agree to binding arbitration. It was loud, angry and anything but pretty - you can listen to it here.

How much longer can this last before the government does get involved? The clock is ticking.

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