Soros Politics: Like Father Like Son?

Like father, like son, right?

Billionaire financier George Soros has long been the bane of Republican politicians, funneling huge dollars to Democrats and liberal causes.

George Soros
Axel Schmidt | AFP | Getty Images
George Soros

But now his son Alexander is getting into the game, too.

A new study by the Center for Responsive Politics has found that Alexander Soros – a graduate student who received his bachelor’s degree from New York University in 2009 – has contributed $73,800 to Democratic candidates for federal office so far in the election cycle.

Soros the younger has contributed to liberal political action committees like the league of Conservation Voters and Planned Parenthood, as well as Democratic Members of Congress, including Reps. Dan Maffei and John Hall, both of New York.

“Elections are important, and I have the resources,” Soros told the non-profit research organization. “Although I am disappointed in the Democratic Party and with our political process in general, there is no question in my mind that the country — and the world — will be better off if Democrats keep control.”

The Center found that Soros was the most generous giver in a usually stingy category —

Your Money Your Vote - A CNBC Special Report
Your Money Your Vote - A CNBC Special Report

people who list their occupation as “student” in campaign filings.

Overall, students are overwhelmingly following Soros’ lead in favoring Democrats. The Democratic National Committee has raked in $428,600 from students so far this election cycle, compared to the Republican National Committee’s paltry $18,400.

The Center found ten students – many the sons or daughters of wealthy business people – who have contributed more than $30,000 to federal candidates this year. Only one of them contributed a dime to Republicans:


% Dem
% Repub
Soros, Alexander $73,800 100% 0%
Barnes, Elena $47,200 100% 0%
Barkett, Jacqueline $45,200 100% 0%
Catsimatidis, Andrea $33,700 7% 79%
Farmer, Tawna $30,650 100% 0%
Bagley, Vaughan $30,400 100% 0%
Fass, Jacob $30,400 100% 0%
Kaempfer, Anna $30,400 100% 0%
Antaramian, David $30,400 100% 0%
Johnston, Katherine $30,400 100% 0%