A Problem with 'Test' Stories on Our Site

Dear Readers,

You know there's an election coming soon, right?

Well, news organizations have to get geared up for such things. So there are practice runs. "Test" stories get put into systems to make sure the news circulates correctly and ends up where it needs to be. Normally all sorts of safeguards are in place to make sure those "test" stories don't get into places that are actually seen by the public. Well, in the case of a few dozen of these "test" stories put out by the Associated Press, those safeguards didn't work and they ended up in the automated feeds on our site. They weren't prominent, pretty buried actually, but still they were there and some of you may have seen them.

We have stomped those "test" stories out of our systems and unless the gremlins are really well organized, they won't be back.

Allen Wastler, Managing Editor

P.S. Even though I'm an Internet guy, you wouldn't believe how much I hate machines some days.