Flat is the New Up for Wall Street Bonuses

Flat is the New Up for Wall Street Bonuses (CNBC.com) CNBC's Kate Kelly reports on Wall Street bonuses being at 2006 levels. (But when you're calculating total compensation, don't forget to account for depressed base pay.)


Google Avoids Taxes, Execs Hangs with President (Washington Examiner) A day after the story broke about Google paying a corporate tax rate of 2.4% by using tax laws in offshore locations, its executives spent time with President Obama at a fundraiser. "Obama has been sharply critical of companies that move their income around the globe to avoid paying taxes. But with Google, whose employees give an estimated 75 percent of their political contributions to Democrats — well, the president didn't have much to say about taxes."

CNN Covers Mortgage Repurchase Fiasco (CNN Money) In a sign that the crisis is going mainstream, CNN hasn't written piece aimed at a general audience.