The Not PC Political Ad for Harry Reid's Son

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman says what he thinks. He's kinda famous for that.


I was in his office Thursday and snapped a few pics.

He has a throne.

There are more tchotckes than a community garage sale.

Goodman must receive more personalized gifts than the President of the United States.

The mayor is a vivacious, outgoing, sparkling presence.

Rory Reid is, well, not.

The son of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is the Democratic candidate for Governor, fighting a tough battle to win the race for Nevada's top job. The younger Reid lacks, well, oomph. Oomph is something Mayor Goodman specializes in. So Goodman made a campaign ad for Reid that has gone viral. In it, Reid asks the mayor, who is without an escort, where his ever present showgirls are. "They're in the back reading your c--p."

That line was adlibbed. Goodman says they had a script for him to read, but it was boring. So he vamped.

The ad has been a hit on Youtube, but the Mayor had yet to see it on TV. So while I was in his office, Mayor Goodman called Reid. "This is off the record," he told me.

When the call concluded, I asked him if I could at least report the gist of the conversation. "Do whatever you want," he said, though he asked me to ignore some of his phraseology. Basically he scolded Reid for not airing the ad on TV. On Youtube, "You're reaching kids too young to vote." Reid assured the mayor he's working to remedy that.


Mayor Goodman—a master marketer—sure hopes so. "Everyone keeps telling me it's the best campaign ad they've ever seen," he said in his usual understated fashion.

Near his throne.

Friday I'll be reporting from Vegas with John Harwood, where I will cover the economic outlook with everyone from CEOs to analysts to Hizzoner.

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