Advertising Market "Strong": Discovery CEO

Despite high unemployment and tepid economic growth, the advertising market remains strong, David Zaslav, president & CEO of Discovery Communications told CNBC on Friday.

"We really haven't seen a slowdown; if anything, we've seen continued strength," he said. "Companies have been doing well. Profits are up and they're reinvesting for market share to try and attract and build consumer appeal."

Through the first half of the year, Discovery Communications was up a little over 10 percent domestically and over 30 percent internationally in terms of ad revenues, he said.

"One of the great things about our company is that we are a pure-play cable company," he said.

Unlike traditional broadcast networks, Discovery enjoys a dual-stream of revenues from both traditional advertising and sub-fees. Discovery has more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers, he said.

"Sub-fees are fantastic because they are long cycle," he said. "Jack Welch [former GE chairman] used to say sub-fees are sort of like the aircraft engine business. You go out and do 5, 6, 7-year deals with increases and you can book it."

"Our challenge is, how do we take this great real estate, the 13 channels we have in the U.S. and five all around the world, and make them all great," he said. "If you go home and put your TV set on, we actually have more channels than NBC Universal, Time Warner , Viacom , it's just that we only have a few that people live with everyday."

Discovery's next strategy is to make more of its cable brands "more important" to people, by introducing a new lineup of programming like The Hub, a kids network, and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

"We have maybe the greatest brand in media," he said. "In Oprah. We have her excitement; her energy; and her friends."