Tea Party Doesn't Know How Government Works: Reid

When members of the Tea Party say that pork is federal money wasted to create jobs, then they know little about the realities of what goes on in Washington, Sen. Harry Reid, (D-Nev.) told CNBC Friday.

“Whoever suggests that knows nothing about government, zero,” said Reid.

Reid, the Senate majority leader, who is in a tight race against GOP challenger Sharon Angle—a Tea Party favorite—was taking direct aim at the conservative group, which favors a limited role of government.

Between campaign stops in Nevada, Reid told CNBC that billions of dollars were set aside in the economic recovery bill to promote job growth.

In Nevada alone, he said, that includes $1.8 billion for construction jobs in renewable energy and $3 billion in bonds to be sold that puts 2,000 people to work.

"I'm sorry the economy is as bad as it is. I didn't cause this economy to go down. I have worked hard to create jobs in Nevada," Reid went on to say. "I've worked hard to save the education system in Nevada, bringing in $400 million to higher education and about $400 million to K through 12."

Read the entire interview transcript here.

Reid said that the leading Republicans in Nevada support him, because they don’t want to be associated with a plan that calls for dismantling government agencies and programs.

“They [the Republicans] are going to find—those people who have gone along with that Tea Party stuff—they’re going to find that it’s not their father’s Republican Party,” he said.

And post-midterms, Reid had this prediction: “I don’t think you’ll find as many Tea Party members as you might think.”

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