Catching up with Bo Jackson


With Auburn currently in line to play for the national championship and with Nike relaunching his Air Trainer from Nike 1986 (now called the Air Trainer 1.2), we thought it was the perfect time to briefly sit down with two-sport great Bo Jackson.

Darren: There aren't many two-sport athletes around these days, why is that?

Bo: The competitive level is so tough right now. Athletes these days are just so much bigger, faster and stronger that it is just near impossible to excel at two sports.

Darren: The "Bo Knows" campaignwas one of the most successful campaigns of all time. Do people still come up to you and mention that phrase?

Bo: Yeah, people still use that phrase a lot today. Although sometimes I hear it too often on the golf course. They say, "Bo Knows how to slice."

"I had other things I wanted to accomplish with my life." -Former Professional Athlete, Bo Jackson

Darren: With the innovation in medicine, athletes rarely have career-ending injuries like you had. In the years since you retired, do you think there would be a way that you didn't have to retire if that happened to you today?

Bo: No, because I didn't plan on staying in professional sports that much longer. I had other things I wanted to accomplish with my life.

Darren: What's it like for you to have your own shoe?

Bo: It's terrific to have a revamped version. It's also great that the original trainer 1 is still popular.

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