WHEN: Today, Friday, Oct. 29, 2010

WHERE: CNBC’s “Your Taxes, Your Vote: Countdown to the Election”

Following is an excerpt from the unofficial transcript of a CNBC interview with Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush today on CNBC. The full interview will air tonight, Friday, October 29th on CNBC’s “Your Taxes, Your Vote: Countdown to the Election” at 7:30pm ET.

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JOHN HARWOOD: Governor Jeb Bush, thanks so much for joining us.

JEB BUSH: You bet, John.

JOHN HARWOOD: We saw the news break last night that Former President Clinton had been in discussions with Kendrick Meek about possibly getting out of the race. Meek says that he’s not getting out. What does that kind of talk, discussion, negotiation, what kind of picture does that present to you?

JEB BUSH: Well, I think-- the reason why there is such a insurgency of-- reaction to pol-- the politics of-- you know, the usual politics of the day is just these kind of backroom deals. First of all, I don’t think it does Kendrick Meek any good. If Bill Clinton was his friend, he probably shouldn’t have allowed-- anybody to suggest that he was trying to get him out of the race.

B) It reminds me that Charlie Crist will chew-- do anything possible to get elected, because-- the reports show that he-- was the one that-- he and his campaign started this. And-- and C) I think it does-- send a signal that-- you know, the old way has just gotta be rejected. That’s-- that would be the-- the lessons learned on this. And-- and frankly, I’m excited about Marco Rubio’s campaign, irrespective of all this. He’s run a fantastic campaign and I believe he’s gonna be elected.

JOHN HARWOOD: I asked-- Crist this morning whether to be successful in politics you need to be a conviction politician. Somebody with strong beliefs rooted in-- in party and coalition. He said, "No, if-- conviction politician means-- you’re lashed to a political party, people don’t want that." What’s wrong with what he said?

JEB BUSH: Being all things to all people is the problem we’ve got. I mean, Charlie Crist has been such a disappointment, because he will shift his position to-- for his own personal ambition. It’s not that he’s serving anybody, it’s serving himself. He’s the most ambitious man I’ve ever met in politics. He believes in absolutely nothing other than-- what’s the next step for him in a path. I don’t know what it leads to, because this should all be about service.

I completely disagree with that. That doesn’t mean we can’t find common ground. That doesn’t mean you can’t-- if you’re convicted, you have ideological views, it doesn’t mean you can’t-- try to convince people to share those views or to find common ground with people that may not agree with everything. We have to do that. But would you-- can you expect-- can you imagine someone who believes in nothing being able to make that happen? Of course not.

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