The Truth About California Government Pay

Los Angeles, CA
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Los Angeles, CA

It's all there in black and white.

California Controller John Chiang has finally launched his long-expected website which details the salariesof city and county workers throughout California. The statistics also reveal when employees can retire and how much of their salaries they will continue to earn, as well as contributions to their pensions and healthcare.

The infamous salariesfrom the now-indicted former Bell officials are listed. The total wages subject to Medicare for 2009 by former Bell Administrator Robert Rizzo is close to $1.2 million. He also paid nothing for health, vision and dental.

Funny business indeed.

The Bell scandal is the reason the Controller developed the website, ordering municipalities to provide his office with information. Not everyone has complied, and Controller Chiang lists them, too.

I checked out my own city, Thousand Oaks, population 128,000. The city manager makes about $252,000, and council members make $21,000. However, the Community and Cultural Services Director makes almost $200,000 (more than the Finance Director), a "Plan Check Supervisor" makes $133,000, and the largest department outside of Public Works appears to be the Library, which has nearly 150 employees!

I haven't been to the library in years. Maybe I oughtta go apply for a job there instead of a library card.

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