Bud Fox Trashes Plaza Hotel

AP Market Wrap (Via NY Times) "Wall Street Spends the Day Standing Still"


Treasury Disclosures Still Opaque (Bloomberg) Despite repeated requests over nearly two years, federal agencies still haven't disclosed many relevant documents related to their market interventions. Academics and some market commentators argue that transparency would aid recovery.

S&P Raises Outlook on U.K. Debt(New York Times)Austerity measures and higher than expected economic growth are behind rating improvement.

PIMCO chief El-Erian talks Quantitative Easing with CNBC (CNBC.com) PIMCO's Mohamed El-Erian says the Fed is 'terrified' of deflation, and will soon announce a new round of QE to combat it. But El Erian is skeptical of QE's capacity to help solve employment and growth woes.

Election Outlook for Investors(CNBC.com) CNBC's Shelly K. Schwartz looks at the November midterm elections and beyond.

Progress on China trade policy? (Financial Times) Chinese sources claim U.S. and China are now closer to a framework for solving economic 'rebalancing' issues.

Case-Shiller Housing Report Disappoints (Bloomberg) August home prices rose less than forecast. The expiration of a government credit—and additional housing supply coming online through foreclosure – may be to blame.

Charlie Sheen still Charlie Sheen—And Back in NYC (New York Post) NY Post Headline screams: "Charlie Sheen trashes room at Plaza Hotel in coke-fueled rampage: sources"