Plea for Wealth Redistribution of World Series Tickets

California is suffering, but the Giants are going to the World Series. The state's unemployment is over 12 percent, but tickets for Game 1 are selling for as much as $32,000 on StubHub. (Those tix are for the Dugout Club. Must be some club.)


Ray Thibodeau says it's time to spread the wealth. Thibodeau works as a Managing Director in debt capital markets at Cantor Fitzgerald in the Bay Area. Given the current political climate there,he sent out this plea on Craigslist:

"In the spirit of San Francisco being a strong democratic supporter of Boxer/Feinstein/O'Bama/Brown, would someone like to redistribute their wealth of World Series Tickets to someone less fortunate? Game 1 or 2 Please."

"Thought I'd try," he wrote me. Did anyone bite? "I actually had a response from a person going out of the country, but got back to him too late," Thibodeau says. "Was going to sell them at face value. They are trading at $2000/per."

Oh come on, man! You work in debt! You can make this happen, right?

Ask not what you can pay for yourself, ask what the government can redistribute for you.

"Just having a little fun."

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