Trade Secrets at Goldman

Fed Soon to Embark on QE — But at What Level? (Wall Street Journal) The Federal Reserve is poised to continue quantitative easing — but internal debate and broader skepticism about the wisdom of easing may prompt The Fed to pursue a more measured strategy than the monolithic "shock & awe" approach favored during the crisis.


U.S. Futures Weak in Pre-Market Trading, Diminished Expectations for QE Blamed (Wall Street Journal)Futures were lower before open of trading on Wednesday morning amid investor's diminished expectations for the Fed's QE regime

Mortgage Apps Rise on Record Low Rates ( But analysts continue to see a weak outlook due to "high unemployment, tight credit and depressed consumer confidence."

Trade Secrets at Goldman (Wall Street Journal)A federal prosecutor has asked a district judge to seal the court room and relevant documents during the upcoming criminal prosecution of a former Goldman Sachs programmer who allegedly stole proprietary computer code used in Goldman's trading systems.

Indian Struggles to Balance Exports and Foreign Investment duringCurrency Quandary (New York Times)India's rupee exemplifies the currency balancing act nations struggle to maintain in the age of globalization.

Coming Soon: Google Chelsea? (New York Times)Google buying a building in NYC?

Proctor &Gamble Ahead of Expectation, Barely ( P&G reports net profits for continuing ops at $1.02 per share, slightly ahead of the $1.00 per share analyst consensus.

Comcast Profits dip 8.2%; Adjusted Numbers Still Ahead of Analyst Expectations (Wall Street Journal)

Lazard Beats the Street

(New York Times)

Obama Administration Attempts to Restart Nuclear Stockpile Talks with Iran

(Wall Street Journal)