Rangers Owners Could Be Fastest To Title

Texas Rangers ball hat
Scott Boehm | Getty Images
Texas Rangers ball hat

Nolan Ryan and Chuck Greenberg's $593 million purchase of the Texas Rangers in a bankruptcy auction was only approved on August 12. Yet, here they are in the World Series.

That got us thinking, over the last 30 years, what was the quickest amount of days to a title?

Sure enough, Greenberg and Ryan, should the Rangers win in any amount of games, will qualify as the fastest owners to hoist a trophy over the last three decades in the four major sports.

If the Rangers win in seven games, they'll beat out the now disbanded YankeeNets group by one day. In 2000, the New Jersey Devils won the Stanley Cup 86 days after the conglomerate purchased the team from longtime owner John McMullen.

The funny thing is that Ryan and Greenberg might be the face of the team, but the money really comes from Texas billionaires Ray Davis and Bob Simpson, who are almost never mentioned.

Check out our list below of the fastest owners to a championship. Because of the NFL's track record of long ownership reigns, no NFL team owner made the list.

Days Between Buying Team And Winning Title In Last 30 Years:

  1. Chuck Greenberg and Nolan Ryan, Texas Rangers, August 12, 2010 to October 31-Nov. 4 (80-85 Days)*
  2. YankeeNets, New Jersey Devils, March 16, 2000 to June 10, 2000 (86 Days)
  3. Les Alexander, Houston Rockets, July 30, 1993 to June 22, 1994 (327 Days)
  4. Stan Kroenke, Colorado Avalanche, July 6, 2000 to June 9, 2001 (338 Days)
  5. Tom Monaghan, Detroit Tigers, October 10, 1983 to October 14, 1984 (370 Days)

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