Cablevision Customers in the Dark Ahead of the World Series

News Corporation
Bebeto Matthews
News Corporation

The World Series starts in a few hours and Fox, which broadcasts the game, is still dark for Cablevision's three million plus customers in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut Tri-state region.

Cablevision made an offerto get the channel back on the air, and then Fox rejected the offeras "incomplete and not accessible."

Hence, the standoff continues.

Just last night the FCC said Cablevision "should spend less time writing publicity-seeking letters to the FCC, and more time at the negotiating table reaching an agreement." Seems like no one has taken that suggestion to heart.

Here's what happened: Comcast issued a statement with an offer to Fox, saying "We agree to pay the rate Fox charges Time Warner Cable for carriage of WNYW-Fox 5 New York and WTXF-Fox 29 Philadelphia for a period of one year. This is higher than the rate we pay any other New York broadcast station. This solution is in the best interest of not only baseball fans but of all Cablevision customers and Fox viewers. We look forward to a positive response.”

Fox shot back a response, saying:

"We remain committed to negotiating a fair deal with Cablevision, but today’s incomplete proposal is not acceptable. Cablevision is seeking a discounted “package rate” without buying the entire package. We have told Cablevision all along we are willing to negotiate a deal – based on an entire suite of channels – under the terms we have reached with Time Warner Cable and other providers, or a stand alone agreement for WNYW FOX5, WTXF FOX29 and WWOR My9. Cablevision’s offer – sent to the press just as it was provided to us – is yet another in a long line of publicity stunts."

Then Fox immediately responded, characterizing Fox's response as a rejection of Cablevision's offer.

Here's Cablevision's latest statement: "It is now clear beyond a shadow of a doubt that News Corp. is operating in bad faith. We call on the FCC to intervene immediately to restore the Fox signals to Cablevision’s 3 million homes and order News Corp. to agree to binding arbitration to resolve this conflict.”

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