These Firms Have 'Good Future Prospects': Stock Picker

Stocks rose Thursday after a handful of positive earnings and a surprise drop in jobless claims. Where should investors look to make money? Ted Parrish, co-portfolio manager at Henssler Equity Fund and John Merrill, founder and COO at Tanglewood Wealth Management shared their insights.

“We’re having a terrific earnings season, economic data has been ok … but otherwise, companies are doing well and market’s recognizing it and bond yields are so low that investors need somewhere to make extra money,” Parrisht old CNBC.

Parrish said investors should look into value stocks that pay dividends and have "good future prospects."

In the meantime, Merrill suggested looking at emerging markets.

“Investors are still very underinvested there,” he explained. “The U.S. and Europe are overowned and emerging markets are underowned.”

Parrish Likes:

United Healthcare

Archer Daniels


Merrill Likes:

Vanguard Emerging Market

China 25 Index

Matthews Asia Growth & Income

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