Is "Jaws" Really a Horror Movie?

We've had some arguments in the newsroom about our "Highest Grossing Horror Movies of All Time" slideshow. In particular about whether or not "Jaws" qualifies.


By our broad definition, which writer Daniel Bukszpan included on the intro slide, a horror movie "provokes a feeling of fear, dread or tension in the viewer." So Bruce the Shark qualifies.

But as a genre, many folks think of "horror" movies as more Poe-like ... dark houses, creepy woods, vampires, werewolves, things like that. Maybe some blood and gore thrown in.

Of course, "Jaws" did have some dark and creepy (Ben Gardner's boat scene) and some blood and gore (bitten off leg with continuity-error sneaker). Still, it doesn't have that Lovecraft ambiance.

As always, we're interested in what our readers think. So ...

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Arguments about "Twilight" will have to wait for another post. (Funny how movies always cause arguments in the newsroom ... like whether "The 13th Warrior" really was a flop).