The Charlie Chaplin Time Traveler Video Is Freaking Us Out

Just stop whatever it is that you're doing and watch this video.

It's Irish filmmaker George Clarke explaining a discovery he made in the DVD extras of a Charlie Chaplin film. Basically, Clarke thinks he may have discovered time traveling.

The clip shows a scene from the 1928 premiere of the film "The Circus" at Mann's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood. A very creepy looking woman in a dark coat, oversized pointy shoes and a dark hat is seen walking in the background. She's holding her hand up to her face. It looks like she may be holding a cell phone and talking into it.

It looks to us like Clarke has not only discovered a time traveler.

He's discovered a time traveling witch.

We're sure you are already complaining that a cell phone wouldn't have worked in 1928. There'd be no network to link up to. But then again, if this woman can travel through time, it's possible that she's also got an extra-temporal cell network.

Is this a hoax? The very fact that the woman looks so witchy makes us wonder if this isn't a publicity stunt by Clarke, timed to coincide with Halloween. Does anybody have the DVD of "The Circus"? Does this clip really exist? Or is it something Clarke made himself and is only claiming exists on the DVD?

It's also very possible that there's no phone at all. Perhaps its just the power of suggestion. Maybe the woman is just a crazy person talking into a comb.

Or maybe this is how the world learns that time travel is real.

We now—whatever 'now' means in a world of time travel—return you to your regularly scheduled financial news.


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