Smooth Jams From the 'Rent Is Too Damn High' Guy

Jimmy McMillan shot to tabloid and Internet stardom by running for New York governor on “The Rent Is Too Damn High” party ticket. And who could forget those signature white chops, which TMZ declared “the most awesome facial hair ever worn by a gubernatorial candidate.”

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Did you stop and think to yourself when you listened to his speech: Yeah. It's got a nice beat. I could dance to it.

Well, Jimmy did.

His new CD drops on — you guessed it — Election Day.

It’s titled — wow, you’re good — “The Rent Is Too Damn High!”

Of course there’s the title track, with a cowbell beat and the catchy refrain:

Ain’t nothing to talk about …
Ain’t nothing else to talk about …
The rent …
… is too damn high!

And, according to the Times' sneak preview of the album, it also includes tracks such as “What Is This” — a boom-ts-ts list of grievances with the landlord — and, not surprisingly, “Vote 4 Me.”

If that last one doesn’t pan out, no worries. Jimmy not only has his musical career to fall back on, but he’s also got T-shirts— and an action figure!

This is America, after all. Land of the free and home of the …

Rent is too damn high!

Boom, tick tick tick ...

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