Cablevision Wants World Series Transmitted on Internet

Cablevision's3 million plus customers have not had access to Foxfor the past 13 days as the companies have been locked in a standoff over retransmission fees.



has appealed to the FCC to get involved. It's asked Fox to agree to binding arbitration. And now that the World Series started it's taking a new tack — calling upon government entities and non-profits to consider the copyright exemption that would allow them to retransmit the World Series for free over the Internet.

Simply put, Cablevision is appealing to independent organizations with no financial skin in the game, to help their customers who are missing out on World series games, by broadcasting the games for free.

Cablevision cites the 1976 Copyright Act, saying "With a simple antenna and Internet streaming capacity, a governmental entity or non-profit organization could do a tremendous public service and extend the reach of this broadcast programming — just as Congress intended when it enacted 11 (a) (5)."

Cablevision says it's hoping to "heighten public awareness about this existing statutory exemption" — no word on whether it's appealing directly to any specific organizations.

This is just Cablevision's latest attempt to ensure that its subscribers can access the World Series as its stand-off with Fox drags on . (The two sides did not negotiate on Thursday).

Cablevision offered to reimburse subscribers who order the World Series package for the full $10 cost of the subscription. We'll see how many subscribers take up Cablevision on that offer, and how much it ends up costing the cable carrier.

Would it be cheaper to agree to a deal with Fox? We'll see.

Fox hasn't responded to this latest from Cablevision.

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