Come See the Zombie Side of Sears

Can the "undead" breathe new life into Sears' sales?


The retailer has launched a zombified version of its retail Web site, stirring up buzz as it heads into the Halloween weekend with discounts it claims are of "Black Friday" proportions.

The Web site includes fun features such as a "Zombie Gift Guide" (the undead are so hard to buy for) and a "Zombie Friend Maker," where you can design and accessorize your own friend for the afterlife.

The retailer even has managed to create several videos highlighting tips for zombies on fashion and fitness.

"The reaction has been great, and customers have been receptive," Tom Aiello, a Sears spokesman, said in an email.

As we highlighted in our Halloween costume slideshow, there is a hugezombie trendfor Halloween this year, and Sears is trying to tap that vibe.

Several products are worked into the theme, including washing machines touted for how they make "brain stains be gone" and refrigerators that keep brains cool.

The zombie site was created as a fun way to interact with Sears customers, and it comes as Sears launches a series of sales promotionseach Friday and Saturday from now until Nov. 20.

Sears isn't alone. Toys 'R Us and are also among the retailers rolling out early promotions.

Retailers are expected to discount early and oftenthis holiday season to help drive customers into their stores. With the economy still under pressure, many consumers have said price will drive their holiday shoppingdecisions this year.

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