Former Goldman Trader Turned Tea Partier Poised to Take Congressional Seat

Ilario Pantano, a native New Yorker and former Goldman Sachs trader, and once a Marine lieutenant accused of premeditated murder, is running for Congress and just could be the Republican congressman-elect for North Carolina's seventh district Tuesday.

Ilario Pantano
Ilario Pantano

Pantano's is sticking with a steadfast conservative platform, advocating against gay marriage and abortion among other things.

New York Magazine reports:

Pantano is running as a staunch conservative, proudly aligned with the tea party and endorsed by Sarah Palin. He has declared himself against gay marriage, abortion, and what he calls the “trophy mosque” in downtown Manhattan, garnering an endorsement from Pamela Geller, the anti-mosque, Islam-bashing crusader. Recently, he became a born-again Christian. His neighbors in North Carolina “like the things I like,” Pantano told me this weekend on his way to a gun show, “They believe the things I believe. This is a good fit.”

But apparently Pantano hasn't always been the ultra conservative that he is now. The report continues:

Pantano never did drugs, but he loved to dance and loved the hot nightclubs of the nineties. “He went to Mars, the Palladium, Disco 2000. “He couldn’t have gone there and possibly have had any issue with gay people,” said Alex Roy, who runs Europe by Car, a family business, and who held a fund-raiser for Pantano when he was accused of murder. “He’s changed a lot. I am pretty surprised to hear that he’s against gay marriage, considering that we have gay friends in common. He’s 180 degrees away from the person I grew up with. Maybe it’s a function of where he lives, or having served in the military. If you’re running for office it sure pays to agree with people in your district.”


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