Election Bumper Stickers: Honk If I'm Paying Your Mortgage!

Ah, political bumper stickers. There’s no better way to get your position across and feel better about yourself in under ten seconds.

Funny 2010 Election Bumper Stickers
Funny 2010 Election Bumper Stickers

And now, thanks to the Internet, we no longer have to wait for hilarity to strike on the highway — we can consume large quantities of hilarious political bumper stickers in one sitting.

Here are 10 of the most hilarious bumper stickers for the 2010 election:

1. Will Work for Lower Taxes

2. Tea Parties Are for Little Girls With Imaginary Friends

3. I’ll Keep My Guns, Freedom and Money — You Keep the Change.

4. This Year, I Listed the Federal Government as a Dependent on My Taxes.

5. I’d Vote for a Republican, But I’m Allergic to Nuts.

6. I’d Rather Be a Conservative Nut Job Than a Liberal With No Nuts and No Job!

7. Honk If I’m Paying Your Mortgage

8. Sarah Palin 2012? The Mayans Tried to Warn Us

9. Democrats Are Sexy. Who Ever Heard of a Nice Piece of Elephant?

10. Politicians, Like Diapers, Should Be Changed Often. And for the Same Reason.

For more election hilarity, check out About.com’s election bumper sticker slideshowor the bumper stickers for sale on Café Press.

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You know why? It’s like my friend Jimmy McMillan said, “Because the rent is too damn high!”

And, like my friend Christine O’Donnell said, “I love meatballs!”

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