Why California's ‘Bong Show’ May Fail

Marijuana plants
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Marijuana plants

The 'Bong Show' may be coming to an end.

Let me first make it clear that the only poll that matters in California is the one which closes Tuesday at 8pPT.

That said, public opinion polls suggest Proposition 19, which would legalize marijuana for recreational purposes, is going up in smoke.


Maybe you can blame threats from the federal government, or a RAND study saying legal pot won't impact Mexican drug gangs, or warnings from people like Senator Dianne Feinstein suggesting the law won't solve the state's budget problems.

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Or maybe some Californians are starting to think about the consequences.

Here are two funny videos which illustrate my point.

The first is a Yes on 19 PSA, which is supposed to be a joke (I think), but is serious enough to make you wonder.

Who wants Prop 19 passed?

Three people with three different reasons—"My back hurts. I'm on my period. I'm bored." It's all tongue in cheek, but it may be serious enough to make some people on the fence vote "no".

A second video isn't about Prop 19 at all.

The Bay Area comedy troupe Killing My Lobster, last seen on this blog talking about the great coffee wars, is back with a spoof of Discovery's Man vs. Wild. This time, "Bear Grylls" faces the danger posed by...Berkeley.

Our fearless host manages to fend off the locals, until he eats their special brownies. The video hilariously plays into every awful stereotype of Berkeley, but it may also suggest that legal, open consumption of marijuana could make many residents of the Golden State a little too mellow. At a time when the world has become more competitive, not less, that's not funny.

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