JP Morgan Chase Facing CDO Investigation

Outspoken Bundes Bank President Confounds Critics(New York Times) Does he want the presidency of the ECB or not?


SEC Investigating JPMorgan Hedge Fund Deal(Pro Publica via CNBC) The Securities and Exchange Commission is looking into whether JPMorgan and Magnetar Capital improperly selected assets for a CDO deal. Echoes of the Goldman-Paulson-Abacus case here.

What's Next for Wall Street?(CNBC) CNBC's Jeff Cox looks at five key public policy questions framed by tomorrow's election.

Ambac in Talks for Prepackaged Bankruptcy(CNBC) After missing an interest payment due on some debt, the once second-largest bond insurer on the country said in a regulatory filing that it may need to restructure its debt in a prepackaged bankruptcy. Otherwise, Ambac may be headed for Chapter 11.

The Elections Can't Fix the Economy, Regardless of Who Wins (Fiscal Times) "If all goes as the polls project, the Republicans will take over the House of Representatives, and they have a shot at gaining control of the Senate. Whatever the outcome, some degree of policy gridlock appears likely, as Congress and the White House butt heads, especially over how best to deal with the economy. Given that scenario, what will the elections mean for the economy?"