Post-Election Changes Expected in the Banking Industry

Midterm Election 2010: Politico Weighs in on Where to Focus Your Attention (Politico) What are the pros watching? First and foremost, voter turnout. And tea party candidates —who Politico expects to capture seats, some decisively. Also female voters, who seem to be the swing voters in several close races.


Post-Election Changes Expected in the Banking Industry (CNBC via New York Times) A widely expected Republican victory in the House will cause changes in oversight, appropriations, and the prospects of presidential appointees. Moreover, some bankers are looking forward to gridlock — it sure beats another round of regulation.

Obama Faces Tough Questions on his Key Advisors — from His Own Party (Wall Street Journal) Ahead of what is likely to be a decisive defeat for Democrats, senior Dems are asking the president difficult questions about his inner circle. The question on the table: Move advisors around — or just start firing?