'Buy' and 'Sell' These Sectors Now: Strategist

As voters are headed to the polls on this Election Day, which sectors should investors buy or sell? Kelly Campbell, founder, principal and chief executive of Campbell Wealth Management, shared his best plays, sector by sector.

Health care—“It’s a good buy,” Campbell told CNBC. “There’s a demographic tailwind behind health care and I think it’s going to be a great buy without a doubt.”

Energy—“We are using a lot of it and we aren’t going to stop that,” he said. “As the economies of the world start to grow as well, you’re going to see a lot more use of it. Because that’s not going to go down, it’s a good buy.”

Financials—“Financials are going to continue to be a problem,” Campbell said. “With financial regulation, a lot of the issues we’ve had with foreclosures, banks are in the business of loaning money, not repossessing homes.”

“So with all the issues you have with what’s going on right now, I would hold off and see where everything’s going to lay in the next few years.”

In addition, Campbell advised investors to "buy" technology, and "sell" the defense sector.

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