The Voting “Flowchart”

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Having trouble figuring out which party to support?

I didn't think so.

Nonetheless, Holy Taco, which bills itself as a guy's bible, or Guyble, has provided a flowchart to illustrate whether one is a Republican or a Democrat.

"Many people claim they are still undecided on how they will vote," writes the website's authors. "These people are filthy liars. Deep down, you all know what you're going to do, so don't waste our time. Just take a look at this handy flowchart and see for yourself how predictable you really are."

The chart begins with the question, "Are you rich?" and goes downhill from there, figuratively and literally. Warning: This chart is not PC. The only people actually named in the flowchart are African Americans like Tavis Smiley and Tyler Perry. Gays take a hit. There's talk of God, dinosaurs, guns, and a reference to one body part. You've been warned.

I did notice a few traps. "Are you just saying that because Fox News told you to?" only allows for a "yes". Same for "Are you just saying that because NPR told you to?" Apparently we're all equally brainwashed.


Your Money Your Vote - A CNBC Special Report
Your Money Your Vote - A CNBC Special Report

Suggestions from friends on the California election.

On how the GOP might pull an upset in California because the Giants won: "Does this mean the voter turnout in San Francisco will be low from the hangover factor?"

On how Prop 19 to legalize recreational marijuana is struggling in pre-election polls: "I wonder if Prop 19 had been Prop 420 instead it would've changed the poll numbers."

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