Reposition Your Portfolio For 'January Bounce': Stock Picker

Stocks were mixed following several positive economic reports, and a day after Republicans won a substantial number of seats in races nationwide and took control of the House of Representatives. Lawrence Glazer, managing director at Mayflower Advisors, and Bill Smead, chief executive and chief investment officer of Smead Capital Management, shared their outlooks.

“We’re trying to get investors refocused in their portfolio post-election, post-Fed, and focus on areas where we can make some money and look for repositioning into year-end,” Glazer told CNBC.

Glazer said he favors the high-quality and dividend-paying firms. (Scroll down to see his picks.)

“We need to look at positioning our portfolio for that January bounce,” he said. “So you’ll see certain areas of the market on a short-term basis that will benefit from that bounce that were less pronounced this year—maybe financials and homebuilders.”

In the meantime, Smead advised investors to wait for the out-of-favor areas.

“It’s really a patience game, not a change game,” he explained.

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Johnson & Johnson

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