Priced in? No Boost for Equities after Fed Announcement

Fed announces QE2: It's $600 Billion (CNBC via Reuters) The Federal Reserve will buy about $75 billion in long term Treasury debt per month, and will make adjustments on an as needed basis, depending upon the trajectory of the economic recovery.


Priced in? No Boost for Equities after Fed Announcement (Wall Street Journal) The DJIA fell .1% after The Federal Reserve's QE2 announcement. The price of 10-year treasuries dipped, pushing the yield up to 2.634%. The dollar trended lower.

Fed Buys TIPS: Why? (Future of Capitalism)

Ira Stoll wonders whether the Fed is buying protection against the inflation it says it isn't worried about. General Motors sets IPO terms. (CNBC via Reuters) GM will raise $13 billion by floating 365 million common shares at a 26$-29$ price range in order to reduce Treasury to a minority shareholder.

"G.O.P. Leaders Vow to Repeal Health Care Law" (New York Times) Wait: Is anyone surprised?

Unemployment Number Drives Voter Dissatisfaction (Business Week) "'Nine-point-six percent unemployment is the worst in a midterm since 1982,' said Gary Jacobson, a political science professor at the University of California at San Diego." Enough said.