Did the Fed Not Go Far Enough?

Stock Futures up on QE2 (ABC News) "U.S. stocks index futures rose on Thursday as more monetary stimulus from the U.S. Federal Reserve aimed at boosting the ailing economy fueled investor risk appetite."


Did the Fed Not Go Far Enough? (New York Times) David Leonhard's insightful piece about the policy divisions within the Fed.

Emerging Market Nations Grouse about QE2 (CNBC via Reuters) Fed's easing has consequences that spread across the globe: impact to developing nation's currencies of particular concern.

Execs Hopeful about New Electoral Landscape (Wall Street Jounal) In the wake of the 2010 midterms, executives eagerly await a change in the business climate of the country. Tops on their wish list: Less federal regulation and tax cuts.

Can Obama Recreate Clinton's Post-Midterm Turnaround? (Politico)Did Clinton grow in office —or just get lucky? Then again — to quote the old Yankee pitcher Lefty Gomez — "I'd rather be lucky than good."

Early October Retail Ahead of Expectations (Reuters) Some stores in retail survey show big gains. A broader rise would mark the 14th consecutive month of increase in retail reporting. Do you feel better about the economy yet?

Icahn Loses a Round in his Battle for 'Rocky' Studio (NY Post) Carl Icahn failed to persuade his fellow MGM bondholders to accept a merger deal with Lionsgate, a film studio in which he owns a large equity stake. But he's not through fighting yet.