Covering Politics and Being Naked

"Do you ever get tired of having to cover this stuff?"

That was the most intriguing question (not the craziest, see below) during a series of radio interviews this week. It came from "Bulldog and the Dude" on WOCM after we had chatted about Congress, gridlock, and partisan bickering.

My answer? Sure, it gets to be a little trying sometimes. It seems like you could just laminate stories about political squabbles and just re-use them every election cycle. And the fantasy temptation to knock heads together and scream "cut it out" at our political leaders is never ending.

On the other hand, it would be worse to be told what the news is everyday by the government ... a government that allows no policy arguments and no dissent. So I'll take the "same old bs," to quote Bulldog, any day.

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Craziest question? Would I rather go naked for a day or be asleep for a year? Apparently one outfit asks that of all their guests. My answer? Naked for a day. Ties in with my theory that we should all fly naked. Easier security and people would become more self-concious about their bodies ... fighting America's obesity problem as well. (Hey, a crazy question deserves a crazy answer, no?)

Thanks to all the radio stations, WIND, WFLA, WOCM, WRHB, Mancow, DGVY, TechTalk Radio, KYHY, and Blog Talk Radio.