Prop 19 Goes Down in Heart of ‘Pot Country’


In what may be the most surprising turn in Tuesday's election, the proposition to legalize the most lucrative industry in the so-called "Emerald Triangle" was defeated by the very communities most likely to benefit from legal marijuana.

Proposition 19 became the topic of much internal debate for residents living in Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity counties.

While many supported the industry coming out from the shadows and turning the region into the "Napa of pot," others feared that large operations would take over small growers. They were concerned that legalization would mean falling prices, plus new taxes, impacting the region's GDP. Then there were threats from the federal government. Still, many local law enforcement officials signed on supporting Prop 19.

In the end, the proposition helped drive heavy voter turnout, but it was defeated in all three counties:

Humboldt County:
Yes: 47 percent
No: 53 percent

Mendocino County:
Yes: 47 percent
No: 53 percent

Trinity County:
Yes: 40 percent
No: 60 percent

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