Bill Gates, 'Century's Greatest American': Julian Robertson

Hedge fund legend and investor Julian Robertson told CNBC Thursday that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg could be following in the footsteps of Microsoft chairman Bill Gates, who Robertson considers the “greatest American of the century.”

“I hope Mark Zuckerberg will be a worthy model of Bill Gates,” added Robertson. “I would say at this age and time, he is going at it in a very good way.”

Robertson, the founder of investment company Tiger Management, was one of the first to predict the economic crisis. He forecast a "doozy of a recession" in an interview with CNBC in October 2007.

He also said the stock for Apple , which he thinks may be the world’s greatest company, isn’t overpriced. “Apple is incredibly attractive,” he added. “They seem to have everything going their way, they seem to be positioned for the kind of economy we’ve got.

“The one thing I've learned is, don't be frightened of a stock that's going up,” he said. “It doesn't go up wildly. Eighteen to 20 times earnings for maybe the greatest company in the world, I don't think, is at all high.”