Suze Orman's 'New' American Dream in Book, "The Money Class"

The latest economic news has many of us believing the worst is behind us. But this recession—the worst since the Great Depression—has left many scarred. Millions are unemployed, thousands have lost their homes and many are questioning their idea of "The American Dream."

And that's a good thing according to CNBC's Suze Orman.

Suze Orman: The Money Class
Suze Orman: The Money Class

Suze has just written a new book (her 10th!) called "THE MONEY CLASS: Learn to Create Your New American Dream"and in it she writes that the American Dream is still very much alive but in need of some "serious reconsideration."

Suze says it's time for Americans to rethink "what aspects are in need of revision, and how (the American dream) must be refashioned to fit our lives," lives that may now include not owning a home.

For so long The American Dream meant for millions owning their own home. But as Suze writes that kind of thinking for many was "a kind of entitlement gone wild."

But in "THE MONEY CLASS" Suze doesn't just write about homes,she addresses every aspect of the American Dream — home, family, career and retirement.

Millions around the world turn to Suze to offer them financial guidance and in "THE MONEY CLASS",she offers her readers a "master class" to achieve what she calls "lasting security"

You can find out more and read an excerpt from "THE MONEY CLASS: Learn to Create Your New American Dream," by clicking here and if you want to meet Suze - check out her LIVE appearances here.

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