There Are Still 'Bargains to Be Found': Stock Picker

Health care, financials and energy have been the worst performing sectors this year. Will they stage a comeback soon—and how should investors position their portfolios? Brett D’arcy, chief investment officer of CBIZ Wealth Management, and Mark Waterhouse, portfolio manager at Garrett Nagle, shared their insights.

“We’re in a bull market that will go through the end of the year,” D’arcy told CNBC.

“Whenever you have a stock market that starts out the fourth quarter like that, there’s a tendency for that energy to continue through the fourth quarter, as investors want to own these stocks that have had a great year.”

In the meantime, Waterhouse said there are still "bargains to be found" in the market. (Scroll down for his full list of picks.)

“The whole energy sector has lagged the market, and we find that somewhat surprising,” he said. “And by the year 2035, energy consumption in the U.S. is going to be up 40 percent from where it is now.”

Waterhouse’s Picks:





Wonder Auto Technology

Yuhe International

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