Obama Signs $10 Billion Trade Deal with India

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US President Barack Obama is almost half way through his whirlwind 24 hour trip to Indonesia, jetting off from New Delhi this morning - after sealing $10 billion worth of deals to create jobs in the U.S.

The President will deliver a speech at the University of Indonesia tomorrow, aimed at reaching out to the Muslim world highlighting the coexistence of democracy and Islam in Indonesia.

Analysts expect Obama - who spent part of his childhood in Indonesia - to continue to push his message about boosting US exports to Asia, in an effort to create American jobs.

(SOT) Steven Okun, Chairman, The American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore:

"From a United States business perspective, it's very important that we look at the Asia Pacific region, from a holistic perspective, not just from just individual bilateral relationships. And so we need to have business engagement, we need have government engagement throughout Asia. So it's great that the President is coming here bringing a large economic team with him.”

Steven Okun of the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore says business ties between the US and Asia will be a "win-win relationship".

He says countries such as India and China have an emerging middle class, and the US has a lot to offer to boost their domestic markets, which in turn will help their economies, as well as paving the way for an export-led US recovery.

(SOT) Steven Okun, Chairman, The American Chamber of Commerce, Singapore:

“One of the key issues that we have here on the ground in Asia is opening up markets. So if you want to promote exports from the US to Asia, you also have to work on increasing market access, you have to work on getting a level playing field, then that's going to be part of the President's message. And that's part of what companies are telling the Administration and we're glad that they're here.”

Finally, fashion bible Vogue is tapping into the tech savvy fashionistas market, with its British magazine launching an iPad app.

After 94 years in print, British Vogue has reached a technological milestone - hoping to cash in on the popularity of Apple's tablet.

(SOT) Albert Read, UK General Manager, Conde Nast:

“Vogue is our biggest magazine and defines the company historically and we have a very, very creative team who are keen to do something with the iPad. What we don't know is whether it's going to grow quickly or slowly. We don't know what the take up's going to be, both from the readers, from how many devices that are owned by vogue readers, and we don't know yet what the advertisers, what the take up is going to be from the advertisers.”

Conde Nast has already created iPad apps for a number of its American magazines.

But this is a first for its British publications.

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