Risk Arbitrageurs Return

Risk Arbitrageurs Return (CNBC via NYT) Is the resurgence of the arbs a leading indicator of an uptick in M&A deals to come?


More Global Grousing about QE2 (Wall Street Journal) The chorus of global complaint grows about the Fed's additional asset purchases ahead of this week's G20 summit. President Obama defends the action as good for U.S. growth and good for the global economy.

Chevron to buy Atlas Energy at 37 percent premium (CNBC via Reuters & AP) Chevron is the second largest U.S. oil and gas company; Atlas energy is a key player in Marcellus Shale field in Pennsylvania.

Gold above $1420 (Financial Times)A wide variety of anxieties drove investors to bid up the price of gold. Prominent among them: concerns over the European sovereign debt markets and general fiscal soundness.

China & Oil to Drive Global Energy Markets for the Next Quarter Century (CNN) An International Energy Agency report out today states that China will lead the world as a global energy consumer for the next 25 years, and oil will remain the most popular fuel — despite advances in new energy technology. China's energy demands are projected to grow 75 percent over the next 25 years

U.S. Economic Stress at 16 Month Low (Yahoo via AP) An AP analysis of the U.S. economy suggests that economic stress has fallen to a 16 month low. The analysis takes into account such factors as unemployment, foreclosure, and bankruptcies.