Remembering a Great Economist

Sharon Epperson sent us a moving story about a great economist ... her father in law, who recently passed. It's a poignant piece, written by one of his sons, that not only lists some impressive achievement, but also points out deep personal commitment.

Here's a snippet ...

He was born Born Rawle Egbert Griffith Farley in South America in Courtland Village, Berbice, Guyana. He left Guyana when he was young to attend school in England. To pay for his schooling and fund his trip abroad, he sold the trophies he had won as a champion hurdler.

He eventually earned a Ph.D. from the University of London, and attended Oxford University. While a student in England, during one period he couldn’t find a landlord willing to rent a room to a Caribbean scholar. He ended up sleeping in a hallway between the rooms of two white friends.

As he lay on the hospital bed, I felt a duty to do everything possible to preserve his beautiful mind. He was breathing only with the assistance of a pressurized mask, and hadn’t talked much in days. But I held out the hope that the studious young man and avid chess player who had fought his way into the best schools in England was still inside there somewhere.

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Thanks Sharon ... and we wish you and your family well.