9 Multinational Picks For Your Portfolio

High-quality multinationals are the way to go for investors, said Weyman Gong, managing principal at Signature, and Joseph Keating, executive vice president and chief investment officer at CenterState Bank. They shared their best plays.

“The dollar'sdown about 10 percent since early June, and that’s benefiting large U.S. multinationals that have a large percentage of their sales overseas,” Keating told CNBC.

He said he likes to focus on companies that have brand-name products, pay a healthy dividend and have a good track record of growing their dividend.

“In that arena, companies in the industrial, consumer staples and technology are ones that we really like,” Keating said. (Scroll down for his full list of picks.)

In the meantime, Gong told investors that emerging market growth is helping the multinationals.

“As emerging consumers get richer, they want to consume the same quality products as we do,” he explained.

And going forward, Gong said he expects commodity pricesto continue rising as global consumptions go up.

Keating Likes:




Gong Likes:

Procter & Gamble




Eli Lilly

Duke Energy

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